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Damage Free Emergency Lockout Services

Key Replacements

We replace all types of automotive KEYS, INCLUDING:

  • Standard Keys

  • Transponder Keys

  • Smart Keys

  • Key Fobs

Code Machine Cut Keys

Code machine cut keys are produced using a key cutting machine that uses a code to determine the precise cuts for the key. The code is usually obtained from the vehicle's VIN number or from the manufacturer. Code machine cut keys are commonly used for older vehicles and are less secure than laser cut keys, as the code can be easily obtained and duplicated by a locksmith or hardware store.

Laser Cut Keys

Laser cut keys, also known as "sidewinder" or "dimple keys," have a unique design where the cuts on the key are made by a laser beam. These keys are more secure than traditional cut keys and are commonly used for high-end vehicles. The cuts made by the laser beam are precise and exact, making it difficult for the key to be duplicated without the proper equipment.

Key Duplication

As professional auto locksmiths, we can make copies of existing keys, including both traditional metal keys and electronic transponder keys.

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